Look what we found inside Bobby Tonelli's bedroom (turns out he's a huge geek)

Feeling cheeky, we woke up actor and radio DJ Bobby Tonelli for a snoop around his room. We think he might be Batman. There, we've said it
Look what we found inside Bobby Tonelli's bedroom (turns out he's a huge geek)

With exclusive access to Bobby Tonelli's room, we discovered that the actor and radio DJ is all about staying connected and looking dapper. Here's what we found in his very own (Bat)-Man Cave.

Additional text by Tein Hee Seow

Bobby opened the door in his Batsuit

Hot Toys Batman

Gotcha! This, fellow Batman fans, is the awesomely real-looking Hot Toys 1/6 model from Tim Burton's take on Batman, striking a menacing pose inside a cabinet on his bedside table.

Utility Watch, Wake Me Up

Samsung Galaxy Gear

As far as we know, Batman doesn't have a smartwatch. Maybe, just maybe, Bobby's sidelining as Dick Tracy with the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

To the Batmobile, Robin

1989 Batmobile

We saw this 1989 Batmobile. And cried when we saw the unbeliveably cool dust cover, which transforms The Dark Knight's vehicle into shield mode.

But Google, did Batman rock sunnies?

Bobby Tonelli's sunglasses collection

Who cares? Bobby's got shades for days.

Batman and Iron Man, together forever

Batman and Iron Man lamp

When universes collide on this customised lamp stand, there's definitely a tear in the space-time continuum!

The Batphones

Nokia Windows Phone

Meh, we thought we saw the Batphone. Turns out it's just a normal Windows Phone from Nokia.

Superman, smash!

Superman Bizarro bookend

Oh, we're loving this. A bookend featuring our favourite son of Krypton giving Bizarro the smackdown.

To the (other) Batmobile, Robin


Yes, the Tumbler is available in black. If Bruce Wayne wants it that way, Lucius Fox shall deliver.

Holy cow, And the other...

1969 Batmobile

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na... BATMAN! Remember this one? Straight out of the Clunk-Crash-Whack days.

Justice League, unite!

Justice League

Evildoers beware, Batman and the Justice League will smite thee!

The Dark Knight Hangs

Batman painting

Batman is not all brawn. This painting is the seldom seen pensive side of the Caped Crusader.

It's officially official

Batman bathrobe

With a bathrobe like that, our suspicions have been confirmed: BOBBY TONELLI IS BATMAN. We love your work, sir.