The Lomo’Instant camera delivers immediate prints with analogue results

You'll never have to go through the trouble of developing another roll of film again
The Lomo’Instant camera delivers immediate prints with analogue results

Aren’t Lomography cameras glorified toy cameras favoured by hipsters?

Aren’t you the judgemental one? We don’t know if there’s a type using Lomo cams, but Lomography is an analogue photography movement with Russian roots that officially came into existence way before hipsters appeared on society’s radar. Yes, we’re aware how hipster that sounds already, so perhaps you’re right.

What can this camera do?

If you’re a fan of film photography, you’ll appreciate all the film photography controls this camera has to offer without the drag of having to develop your film after. Shoot on auto or manual with the option of flash and shutters N and B for normal daytime shots and long exposures for night accordingly. The latter can even paint your photograph with crazy light streaks if you hold it open.

But what about the lenses?

Aside from the built-in wide-angle lens every unit boots, there are also fisheye lens and portrait lens attachments (35mm lens equivalent) for you to experiment with. Mix it up some more by popping colour filters over the lens and even create multiple exposures.

Does it then weave the pictures out of skinny jeans and beards?

Sorry to disappoint you, but it goes the slightly more conventional way of instant film or more specifically, easily available Fujifilm Instax Mini film.

I could give this a whirl

You could, once it’s off Kickstarter status, that is. Prices start from US$69 (RM222) for the plainer White and Black editions, while the SanRemo and Kickstarter versions begin from US$99 (RM320). Think of all the money you'll be saving not having to develop film ever again and this purchase will be easily justified.