Line’s South Korean headquarters is everyone’s dream office

We invaded Line to bring you the best from their chill digs

When we were in South Korea, we paid Line a visit and learnt some pretty interesting facts about the Line Friends.

If you’ve ever wondered what Line’s office looks like, well, you've probably got the right idea when you think the Line Friends play a part. But that's just the surface, and you don’t have to imagine anymore, because we’re bringing you behind Line’s lines.

It might just be a rental building for now, but that’s not stopping Line from dressing it up to the nines with everything Line Friends. They do not occupy every floor of the rental building they sit it, but you’ll be able to recognise if it’s a floor they’re on. Even the electronic gates have their branding on it, and more often than not, there are Line characters peeking out at you. And they differ from floor to floor. 

On their main floor sits a giant model of Sally presiding over walls that are lined with Line merchandise, including their houseware collaboration with Muurla . Yes, you can dine with Line with Brown plates and cups. 

And that’s not all. Even their toilets have the genders indicated by Brown and Cony symbols (Brown for male and Cony for female in case you get confused) and meeting rooms are marked with Line Friends. Lest you should forget where you are, there’s always some Line (Warhol-inspired) artwork and more figurines to remind you that you’re standing smack dab in deep Line territory that houses everyone from the serious Line Pay business team to the creative design and video teams. 

Aside from a library for their designers to gather inspiration from, there's also a cafe area where employees can go to kick back. And right next to it is a store where merchandise can be bought at discounted prices and is refreshed regularly. So if you must have the latest in Line merchandise, best make friends with a Line employee, make your way down to the Line Friends Store & Cafe in Garosu-gil, or wait for a pop-up store to materialise in your country.