Jog on: the 30 best running songs

“I Ran (So Far Away)”, A Flock of Seagulls

A Flock of Seagulls

Not only is the name of this stone-cold 80s classic absolutely dead-on, its steady rhythm, inspirational vocals and sense of momentum will keep you putting one foot in front of the other.

“Hey Ya!”, OutKast

"Hey Ya!" by OutKast

At 162 beats per minute, “Hey Ya!” is most likely OutKast’s most upbeat song – and so joyful with it that you can’t help but up your pace when it comes through your Sennheisers. You know what to do-ooo-ooo.

“Someday”, The Strokes

The Strokes

Remember when The Strokes could do no wrong? Unless you’re as ancient as us, probably not, but “Someday” – the third single from the New Yorkers’ triumphant first album – is a perfect example of them at their no nonsense best. Three minutes long, no messing about. And with 212bpm, it’s an ideal choice when you want to up the pace.

“Lose Yourself”, Eminem


This track doesn’t have a particularly fast tempo, so it’s perhaps best saved for muscle-sapping uphill climbs where its hugely inspiring “OK, it’s time to take on the world” lyrics will put some much-needed fire in your belly.

“Get Lucky”, Daft Punk

Daft Punk

Staying “up all night to get lucky” probably isn’t the best preparation for training, but whatever: this tune’s spotless production, celebratory lyrics and infectious rhythm more than make up for it, and at over six minutes in length it’s an ideal pace-setter.

“Long Train Runnin’”, The Doobie Brothers

The Doobie Brothers

Certainly the Doobies’ best-loved song, “Long Train Runnin’” is a much-covered classic of 70s radio rock and guaranteed to raise a smile – even if you’ve just run so much you feel like you’re about to puke. All aboard.

“I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes”, Tom Vek

Tom Vek

The London multi-instrumentalist has plenty of heavy, upbeat tunes in his back catalogue, but we picked this – the first single from Vek’s debut album – for its steadily rolling beat and #fitspirational shouty vocals.

Image credit: Matt Hobbs

“Born to Run”, Bruce Springsteen

Born To Run

Yeah, there are probably more suitable running tracks tempo-wise in Springsteen’s vast back catalogue – but we picked this one for its name, not to mention the fact that it’s one of the Boss’ most fist-pumpingly inspirational songs. And that darn sax solo!

“Wolf Like Me”, TV On The Radio

TV On The Radio

Pitchfork-tickling Brooklyn art-rock might not be an obvious wellspring for running-friendly songs, but TV On The Radio deliver a track so ferocious and relentless that you’ll find it hard not to start howling and running on all fours through the nearest bit of woodland. Rabid stuff.

“Feel Good Inc”, Gorillaz


That bass line.