It’s easy to be fooled by these imitation gadgets at CES Asia 2016

Shadow Creator

Virtual reality has a huge presence at CES Asia 2016 but this mysterious device got our attention. When we first asked for a hands-on with it, the exhibitor persuaded us to return later for a full-on demo.

We did exactly as we were told, listened to its founder talk up the Shadow Creator glasses as the next evolution and later donned the glasses. First thing we noticed - augmented reality on glasses, overlaying computer generated imagery in the real world through the glasses. Everything looked so familiar. That’s because it’s…

A clone of Microsoft Hololens

As a disclaimer, we’ve never actually worn the Microsoft innovation before. But given the similar features of the Shadow Creator and Microsoft Hololens, it’s hard to imagine the former being very original. That said, we admit that at least the design looks more lightweight than the Hololens.