This isn't your dad's Monopoly: 5 boardgames to tickle your geeky fancies

Pull the plug on your PC, console and portables. It's time to go low-tech and get yourself some semblance of a social life with these 5 boardgames

It's time to pull yourself out of whatever console, portable or PC game you have and get some human interaction. What better way than to indulge yourself in a little spot of boardgaming? And no, we're not talking about something as simple as Monopoly, that's something your parents might have played. Instead, try out these five awesome boardgames that'll still keep your geek cred intact.

Star Trek: Fleet Captains

If you’ve always secretly hankered to go “where no man has gone before”, then Star Trek: Fleet Captains is the game for you. You can either play as the Federation or the Klingons and then race to claim victory points…or blast the other side out of your quadrant.

The rules of the game are fairly simple to understand. You traverse the galaxy by flipping over unexplored tiles and choose one of several actions. Do you scan a quadrant for enemy ships? Do you build a settlement? You will also be assigned missions, some of them secret, which adds more challenge to the game.

A nice feature of the game (which which will really excite the Trekkie in you) is that you get lovely plastic models of the ships. Three versions of the much loved USS Enterprise are included as well as various other makes for Trek fans to geek out about.

Another feature of the game is command decks, of which there are several for you to pick and choose from. Fancy yourself an ‘action’ type? Then choose the Captain Kirk deck. More of the peace-loving, explory type? Then choose the Picard deck and maybe a little Earl Grey tea by the side. Other decks can give boosts to security, engineering or combat.

One thing to note is that you'll need a fairbit of space to play this boardgame as you'll be laying down quite a bit of tiles but it is enough fun that you probably won’t mind.