The iPod is dead: we celebrate the 10 best versions of Apple's thin white jukebox

5) iPod Classic (2007)

The original iPod finally evolved into the iPod Classic in 2007, only receiving the most basic of incremental updates thereafter.

By 2009, it boasted a 160GB hard drive, and looked rather long in the tooth compared to touchscreen-based upstarts. Yet it remained popular with hardcore music fans, acting as a kind of badge of honour that showed how unimpressed you were with low bit-rate streaming services.

A lack of alternatives means that nostalgic streaming refuseniks will still pay a princely sum for a second-hand Classic. That's in part because of its iconic design, but also because of the promise of a distraction-free listening experience that we still sometimes pine for (until our fingers start jabbing away at Twitter again). 

6) iPod nano, sixth generation (2010)

For the sixth generation of iPod nano, Apple went square. It was a curious contraption, part embiggened iPod shuffle and part wannabe iOS device, with an interface that resembled (but wasn’t actually related to) the one on the iPhone.

But its form factor also made it possible to turn into something vaguely resembling a watch. Imagine that — an Apple Watch!

Love for such an idea soon faded for most people when the limitations of the technology became clearer — the need for the device to boot after inactivity; demands for constant syncing, and charging issues. Limitations that, it's fair to say, Apple still hasn't completely conquered with the real Apple Watch.

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