Instagram unfiltered: 16 great features nobody showed you earlier

Playing with perspective

With the new update, Instagram has added a myriad of ways to tweak your photo into looking better than it actually does. Besides the obvious filters, you can go into detailed tools to play around with aspects like Contrast, Vignette, and Shadows, just to state a few. But the most underrated has to be Adjust.

Make it happen: Tapping on it automatically straightens your photo. It doesn’t just allow you to rotate your photo, it also allows you to play with perspective, both vertical and horizontal, for a more interesting angle. Because who cares about properly straight photos anyway? It's all about expressing yourself artistically.

Photo mapping

What’s the point of geotagging a photo, you ask? To populate your photo map, of course, and also so you don't have to answer repetitive questions about where you drank that particularly artistic-looking latte..

It’s also a good way of seeing what a location has to offer, or find the perfect spot to recreate an Instagram moment. Just think of it as Google Maps with a better-looking street view.

Make it happen: Simply go to any user’s account (especially those travel-related ones) and hit the geotag icon to see where people have been. Do note though that there are profiles without photo maps either due to their privacy settings or their lack of geotagging activity. If you want to selectively hide your own travel activity, you can access your own photo map and deselect certain photos.

Untag yourself

Instagram, much like Facebook, is a largely public domain. However, Instagram, unlike Facebook, doesn't allow you to limit access of your profile for different lists of people. And sometimes you really don’t want to be tagged in someone’s photos because your boss is following you and you were supposed to be at home sick. Or at least that’s what you told HR.

Make it happen: Before he realises, head over to the last icon on your profile which will bring up all photos that you’ve been tagged in on Instagram and tap on the (...) icon to bring up Edit Tags and select the incriminating photos you want to Hide from My Profile.

If you want to have more control and prevent awkward situations from happening, you can hit Settings to approve future tagged photos.