Infinite battery life - what smartphones today really need

Smartphone users shouldn't have to worry about charging it, says Tein Hee who's still delirious from smelling too many magic markers
What I want from the HTC One (M8) - infinite battery life

Next week, HTC’s going to unveil its 2014 flagship Android phone, and it’s all but confirmed that it’ll be called the HTC One (M8). What’s not known, is if it has the one feature I’ve been waiting for - unlimited battery life.

Unless a genie emerges from a magic lamp to grant that wish, let’s be realistic about this and lower the expectations to a two-day battery life. But up till now, I've yet to encounter a smartphone that can tolerate my heavy usage without quitting on me under a day.

I’ve never been shy about using my smartphone. In fact, I get death glares from friends when I chuckle at some hysterical meme from SGAG whilst I lunch with them. Yes, guilty as charged for being the most socially awkward person during meals. That, unfortunately, is how I wipe out the phone’s battery life under 10 hours.

Every year, new phones are equipped with larger batteries to improve their battery life. But when every update also comes with more power-hungry features, even the most powerful 10,000mAh battery won’t last long. What good is that new-fangled, highly advanced smartphone when it becomes dead weight?

What I want from the HTC One (M8) - infinite battery life

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after years of smartphone abuse, it's that I can’t live without an external battery pack. This is especially true when I travel. There’s no telling when I’ll lose my way and have to rely on Google Maps to navigate unfamiliar territory. And without an easily accessible power source, it’s hard to say if I can even survive a day without a smartphone to guide me around town.

It sounds like common sense to arm yourself with a portable charger, but you’ll be surprised at how many people fervently believe that their mobile device is imbued with unlimited power. If you’re still under the impression that your phablet has the most powerful battery in the world, it’s time to escape that illusion.

Or, I could cross my fingers and hope smartphones or whatever gadget I bring along are fitted with solar panels. But that's highly unlikely, not because analysts and tech pundits weighed in to say current technology won't work. I just don't see myself staying in the hot sun, only to end up like a ripe, juicy lobster.

Until that magical smartphone with an infinite power source comes along, just suck it up and get a portable charger. And by portable, I mean this credit card-sized battery pack that fits into my wallet with room to spare for a few more.

If there’s any money left in my exceedingly thin and light wallet, that is.