Indonesia Has Their Own MCU-Style Movies And Superheroes

Done claim for Indonesia

Superhero movies are certain money-making machines for Hollywood, so it kind of makes sense for Indonesia to claim to have their own Marvel-like superheroes first before others do the same. And no, you're not reading the headline wrong and this is not a parody. Indonesia actually has their very own Marvel's Cinematic Universe called BumiLangit Universe (BLU) which adapts their very own local superhero comics.

Director Joko Anwar shared images that contained titles of the movies in the first phase of the BLU. There will be eight films to look out for - Gundala, Sri Asih, Godam & Tira, Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu, Patriot Taruna, Gundala: Putra Petir, Mandala Golok Setan, and Patriot. The movies will be released over a span of five years, starting from 2019.

Popular Indonesian stars who will be part of the BLU are Chelsea Islan as Tira, Dian Sastrowardoyo as Dewa Api, and well known heartthrob Nicholas Saputra as Aquanus. Probably the biggest surprise is that we will have our very own local actor, Bront Palarae will also be part of the BLU. Palarae has been making waves in Indonesia and he will be playing the role of Pengkor in the very first movie from BLU, Gundala.

The movie Gundala had premiered last month in Indonesia, and has yet to reach our Malaysian shores. But oh well, at least we have our very own superheroes to be proud of like Cicak-Man and... Badang. Boboboi counts, right?