Ignore brick-and-mortar stores, online shopping is the new mall

If you need a reason to shop online, Elissa Loi gives you two: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Ignore brick-and-mortar stores, online shopping is the new mall

Shopping used to be fun, until I got older and my tolerance for crowd situations dipped (read: none left). 

Anyone who’s been to Bukit Bintang on a weekend should know how bad it gets, and it doesn’t help that that’s probably the only time you, a responsible adult with the average day job, get to steal away, so no thanks. I’d rather do my shopping online.

Considering how many physical stores now have a digital presence, and how many stores that just have a digital address, it makes sense to move your shopping spree online. Besides where else are you going to find everything you want? On the world wide web, of course. But mostly, it’s about convenience: being able to shop at any time of the day, so long as you have internet access and your credit card with you.

On the more practical level, you get to compare prices more easily than if you were to do it in real life. And because it’s the internet which is international, almost every holiday in the world is used as an excuse to mark down prices online. Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Only applicable in the US but thanks to the internet, Malaysians get a bite of the discount pie too.

What about sizing? The all important hands-on experience? Well, you’ve done enough shopping in your lifetime to have that all figured out, haven’t you? Besides online sites should have all the information you need. Or you could just make a trip down to try something on before you get to return back to the safety of your home and purchase it for cheaper online with the countless promo codes available.

No queues, no fuss, no pushy sales assistant hovering in the background, the only delay being how quickly I retrieve my credit card from my wallet and enter the numbers in.

Plus, I don’t have to deal with a crappy attitude from a sales assistant having a bad day. Which is just fine by me.

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