iflix versus Netflix - which is better?

The battle for your viewing attention begins with these streaming giants

My first thought, after logging in to Netflix for the first time, was, wow, iflix stole their design from Netflix.

Which is no slight against iflix, really. “Mature poets steal,” a poet once said, and while iflix has only been around for six months, Netflix introduced its streaming service back in 2007 (the company originally launched in 1997 as a DVD rental service).

Netflix’s recent foray into original programming has not gone unnoticed by iflix (nor the world at large). After their partnership with Telekom Malaysia was announced, iflix announced that it had “shortlisted three local drama and film producers” to produce content for its platform. The names of these producers, were not included in the announcement, nor a release date, but CEO Azran Osman-Rani said (and I’m reading between the lines here) that the original content should be up “in the 12 months.”

But who cares about all that? What matters is this: how do the services compare, right now, out of the gate?