Top iflix tricks to help you binge-watch productively

With a larger in-country catalog than Netflix, iflix is the streaming service to watch

When it comes to content, iflix currently reigns in Malaysia. 

However, the homegrown service's mobile app and website are not as streamlined as Netflix’s offerings. Keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of tips to make the most of your TV time. You're welcome. 

Save on subscription fees

Iflix requires you to pay a subscription before you can access the website. But the good news is, subscriptions start from RM8 a month, which is more than four times cheaper than Netflix. And the even-better news is, you may already have a subscription.

Digi subscribers as well as UniFi and Streamyx home users can still enjoy more than a month’s worth of access. Save that money to spend it on popcorn. 

Download your favorite movies or shows to watch iFlix on the go

iflix lets subscribers download movies on its mobile app and website. The download can take a while, even when you’re on a stable connection, but you’ll be able to watch your favorite movies anywhere. Take that, Netflix.

To download a movie, tap the download icon next to the share icon. Mind you, not all titles are eligible for downloading.

You can also choose between three different resolutions: high, medium and low. A TV show can take up 300 MB whereas a movie can take up to 900 MB. After downloading, you’ve got a 7-day window to watch the movie. After you start watching, you have a 24-hour window to finish it. Time is clear of the essence to iflix. 

And just to be clear, no, you don’t need an internet connection to watch.