If you really, really want the Xiaomi Redmi 2, read this now!

On 17 March, you only have a split second to grab the dual-4G smartphone, so we're here to help

We’ve brought you our guide to getting the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 4G+, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and even the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in Malaysia. But considering the fact that these mobile devices are available from the telcos, you don’t have to do much online hogging to nab your unit.

This is, of course, a different ballgame when it comes to getting your hands on one that's handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis. Take Xiaomi’s smartphones and accessories for instance, which are always sold (and out of stock within minutes) during online flash sales.

So, we decided that since Xiaomi’s having another flash sale, we’ll help you kiasu people out by giving you some tips on how to successfully get the hot commodity from the Chinese company.

Monitor Xiaomi’s Malaysia Facebook page

When Xiaomi promises, it delivers. And Xiaomi doesn’t make any announcements more prominent than through its Facebook page. The first thing you should do when it’s nearing flash sale time is to head over to the website and check for any sort of updates – we highly recommend it. It’ll keep you in time check with posts ahead of its flash sales, and we’re pretty sure there’ll be notifications should Xiaomi encounter any online glitches.

Don't say we never share, there are times when Xiaomi announces a contest to give away F-codes. Which, by the way, gives you a 100% guarantee to get a Xiaomi device of your choice.


Set-up your Mi account before hand

Don't wait till the last minute before the flash sale starts.  You won't exactly know how many people you'll need to beat to get one. So get into the online queue ASAP and be prepared. Register your Mi account now, go to the main page and get ready. It’s all about forward thinking, people.

Take advantage of the multitude of web browsers

You’ve got Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. Use whatever web browsers you need if you desperately want to own a Xiaomi Mi Pad by the time the clock strikes 12.01pm. Open up the link to the stock page on all the browsers before 12pm and keep refreshing them until it changes from “out of stock” to “add to cart”.

Fill in your details and if it says “server is busy” or you encounter some error, jump on to another browser and get going at it again quickly.

Another thing worth reading

Get one from an online forum

Sometimes s*** happens. Even if you’ve set up an account beforehand and have been on stand-by minutes before you need to get your nimble fingers clicking, you don’t end up with a Xiaomi due to the basics of economics – the law of demand versus supply.

Xiaomi’s devices are known for getting snapped up in seconds (we’re not kidding when we say that). People have previously expressed their disappointment with Xiaomi, especially when they couldn’t log into their accounts as a result of the high volume traffic.

But if you didn’t manage to score yourselves a Xiaomi Mi Pad tomorrow and desperately need one urgently, fret not. Check out forums such as those on Lowyat.net, because there might be some people selling them there for a small margin.

We’d advice you to get your hands on one if the price difference from retail is between RM50-RM100 but if it’s anything more than RM200 and you’re seriously thinking of paying that price for it, you're on your own.