If you love gadgets, visit the Samsung Innovation Museum

Home to gizmos from the past, present and future (and not just Samsung)

The next time you visit Seoul, take a short trip to Suwon and visit the Samsung Innovation Museum. 

Located about 30km from the capital, the five-storey space houses more than 100 inventions and gadgets from years past. And there's not just Samsung stuff - expect to see things like a Televisor, the very first TV, a Hoover vacuum cleaner and classic phones from Nokia, Siemens and Motorola.

Here’s a look inside.

So what is the Samsung Innovation Museum?

It combines a traditional museum with a showroom experience, giving visitors a glimpse into the past, present and future of technology - the perfect place for those who love everything tech or are simply interested in how tech has evolved throughout history. 

A lot of the exhibits feature overlaying interactive touchscreens that tell you more about the exhibit you’re looking at - very cool and futuristic (and great for the kids).

First stop - 5F Seeds of innovation

Start on the top floor, where replicas of inventions from some of the world's greatest innovators like Thomas Edison, Graham Bell and Nikola Tesla reside. It’s here you’ll see stuff like the first refrigerator from General Electric, that Hoover vacuum cleaner and an early electric washing machine from Maytag. Bonus: there's a walkthrough display on the evolution of the radio. 

Next stop - 3F Core of Innovation

This is where the bulk of the coolest exhibits are displayed. Once you pass the fancy semiconductor exhibit, you'll be greeted with rows upon rows of TVs. Here, you'll meet the world's first mass-produced TV called the Televisor, along with a classic Sony Trinitron, a Sharp portable TV and more. Have a bit of nostalgic fun trying to count how many of these you've owned.

Near the end it's classic phones galore. From the mobile phone that costs more than a car, to the first mobile phone that was able to send an SMS and the first camera phone, this part of exhibit showcases the landmark phones that evolved into the sleek devices we can't put down today.