Huawei P10 vs Apple iPhone 7

Performance: Plenty of power

Apple's A10 Fusion processor (alongside 2GB RAM) became the fastest smartphone chip on the block when it debuted last September, but the Huawei P10's custom Kirin 960 processor (flanked by 4GB RAM) puts up more of a fight than its other Android competitors as of now.

It's not a slam dunk in either case now, but it's close enough to call this category even when it comes to raw power. The iPhone 7's A10 wins out in benchmark testing when it comes to single-core performance, while the Kirin 960 ekes out more juice for resource-taxing multi-core usage.

Of course, benchmarks don't mean a heap when it comes to real-world usage. And in both cases, these are ultra-fast, top-of-the-line devices. The Huawei P10 is as fast as any Android we've used, with Android 7.0 Nougat behind the wheel, while the iPhone 7 likewise zips along with iOS 10 inside. Both phones can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it, and we feel comfortable giving them both the honours in this category.

Winner: Draw

Battery and perks: Inferior iPhone

When it comes to sheer capacity, the Huawei P10 packs in a lot more battery juice than the iPhone 7 – it's 3,200mAh on the P10 compared to 1,960mAh for the iPhone 7.

Of course, what really matters is functional uptime, and the P10 has a bigger, sharper screen to power. And really, we've found both devices to be solid all-day performers, but neither is likely to give you much significant usage into a second day unless you barely touch the thing. We might give a slight edge to the P10 here, but it's not as dramatic as the specs suggest.

When it comes to storage, the Apple iPhone 7 starts at 32GB and bumps up to 128GB or 256GB for more cash – with no expandability on offer. Contrast that to the Huawei P10, which only offers a 64GB model but then allows up to 256GB additional storage via microSD cards.

The P10 may not be water resistant (as mentioned before), but that extra storage is sure to come in handy – and having the option is obviously a wonderful advantage. Apple doesn't have that.

Winner: Huawei P10

Verdict: Huawei has it

Compared to some of the big Android flagships on the market right now, the Huawei P10 might seem a little underequipped in terms of screen resolution and battery size – and given the similar price to other top-tier Androids, those are concerns worth considering.

Yet when you put it up against Apple's iPhone 7 from last autumn, it's easy to see how Huawei's offering has the upper hand, whether it's the added screen crispness and size, extra camera perks, or expandable storage.

Both of these are pretty great devices at pretty massive prices, which is exactly why the little details matter. We fully expect Apple to try its hardest to wow us with the iPhone 8 later this year, but in the meantime, the Androids are taking charge. And the Huawei P10 is one of the most appealing options of 2017 so far.

Winner: Huawei P10