This is how you can get the iPhone X in Malaysia

Preorders open today, so here's our roundup of the plans available from your telcos

Preorders for the iPhone X kick off today, so to help you make a decision on where to get yours, here's a roundup of what the damage will be from each telco.


Digi is keeping it fairly simple with three postpaid plans, the Postpaid 78, Postpaid 108 and Postpaid 138. Here's a breakdown of how much the device will cost by plan and iPhone X version:

Postpaid 78: RM3895 (64GB), RM4555 (RM256GB)

Postpaid 108: RM3695, RM4355

Postpaid 138: RM3495, RM4155

Preorder at the official Digi webpage here.


Celcom offers up two options - you can go either with a "regular" plan or its EasyPhone installment scheme, which allows you to pony up for the phone via monthly payments on top of your subscription fees. The plans are the First Gold Plus (RM98 monthly), First Gold Supreme (RM128), First Platinum (RM148) and the First Platinum Plus (RM188).

For the plans, pricing is as follows:

First Gold Plus: RM3718 (64GB), RM4378 (256GB)

First Gold Supreme: RM3508, RM4168

First Platinum: RM3358, RM4018

Take note that there will also be upfront payments on top of the subscription fee.

First Platinum Plus: RM3078, RM3738

For the EasyPhone plan, you will still need to sign up for a plan and then pay the added fee monthly. These fees (on top of your plan) are as follows:

First Gold Plus: RM165 (64GB), RM192 (256GB)

First Gold Supreme: RM153, RM180

First Platinum: RM148, RM175

First Platinum Plus: RM138, RM165

You can register your interest on this form or head over to your nearest Blue Cube to try and preorder.


Like Digi, Maxis is limiting its iPhone X plans to three - namely, the MaxisOne Plan 128, MaxisOne Plan 158 and the MaxisOne Plan 188. There will also be an upfront payment that will be waived for subscribers of one year or longer and who have a good payment record.

Device prices are as follows:

MaxisOne Plan 128: RM3505 (64GB), RM4165 (RM256GB)

MaxisOne Plan 158: RM3295, RM3955

MaxisOne Plan 188: RM3075, RM3735

Head over to the Maxis iPhone X page to secure your phone.

U Mobile

The U Mobile plan is probably the least complicated, with only two options, the Postpaid i90 and the Postpaid i130. Device advance payment is required and you will receive rebates on your bill over 24 months.

Postpaid i90: RM3825 (64GB), RM4485 (RM256GB)

Postpaid i130: RM3465, RM4125

Head to the U Mobile webpage to preorder.