How to type emoji on your PC or Mac the easy way

Bring up the hidden emoji keyboard with these shortcut commands

Haven’t you heard? Emoji is what the future is made of.

You already know how to text emoji on your portable devices, but what about typing emoji on your laptop or desktop? There are so many situations that are only made more perfect with vague emoji.

We’re not talking about copying and pasting them, there’s a short and simple way to go emoji-insane.

On your Windows PC

Whether it's Windows 8 or 10 you're running, looking for the Touch Keyboard icon in your task bar and click on it. 

Say hello to the keyboard that lives on your screen to enable onscreen typing if your Windows device is touch enabled.

For emoji typing, just tap on the universal symbol for emoji - the smiley face - and you'll find all your familiar favourites within to use wherever your heart desires. You can either use arrow keys to navigate or simply use your mouse to select.

There you go, just try to leave the emoji out of your Powerpoint presentations. 

Images: YouTube

On your Mac

No matter where you are, all you have to do is hold down this simple keyboard command to call up the emoji keyboard: Command ⌘ + Control + Spacebar.

Then click on the emoji of your choice (whenever applicable) to bring up the different skin tones for your selection. Handy for when you feel like updating your Facebook status, typing a reply on Twitter, or just for the heck of it.

That’s not all though. If you want to select other symbols for more practical usage, click on the icon in the top right and you get even more variety. Perfect for letting your friends overseas know how much money they owe you.