How to shoot the perfect Instagram #OOTD

Win hearts and followers with these top tips for taking outfit of the day shots

While a well put together outfit obviously forms the foundation for your OOTD, there are other aspects that matter, too.

Given how many #OOTDs flood Instagram each day, you have to think out of the box to stand out from the crowd. It's not just about getting your outfit in one shot, learn how to bring out the best in whatever you're wearing so that your Instagram roll doesn't look cookie-cutter, shot after shot.

Shoot from down low

While shooting from a higher angle is recommended to make you look slimmer, shooting from low will elongate your frame and capture your entire outfit. Even if you're a little short in real life, you can look a lot taller in photos. 

Choose your backdrops wisely

If you're wearing a pop of colour, you want that to be the focus of your picture. Highlight the brightness of your outfit by taking your OOTD against a plain background so that people's attention will be naturally diverted to that. Stairwells are great spots for this particular purpose, and void of human traffic so you can shoot in peace. 

Think about context

The location in this case helps bring across the funky laidback vibe of this polo tee is thanks to the interesting furnition. It also helps that they match the colour of the top. And when you've such a winning combination, people won't even notice if there are other people in your shot. 

Team up

Share the limelight with a friend (or friends) in your OOTD. It makes for a more candid experience that translates well into genuine emotions for your photos. Besides, whoever said the O in OOTD doesn't stand for 'outfits' instead of just 'outfit'?