How to set up the perfect home entertainment system

Why go out for a movie when you can have the cinema in your own home?

Watching movies in the cinema and at home, never feels quite the same. 

You don’t get that mega-sized screen, the pitch black darkness around you, and perhaps some of the best surround sound experience you encounter watching blockbusters in the theatre. However, you can get as close to it as possible with these home entertainment set-ups. 


The most basic component you need to think about when getting started setting up your entertainment system if finding a proper screen.

Now, you have 2 choices:

  1. A Projector + Screen Set-Up
  2. A Ultra-Wide UHD Television

The first set-up will best replicate the experience you find in movie theatres, but its more tedious to set-up, and has some cons to it as well.

The second set-up gives you a smaller screen, but is much easier to put in place.

Image source: Home Theater Gear


The key to setting up the perfect projector system is understanding the size and dimension of your room.

Projectors often differ in their “throw distance”, which is the ideal distance required between the screen and the projector lens. By matching your room length to the throw distance of the projector (which should be at least a meter less than your room length), you will get the largest possible screen and best resolution out of your projector.

You should make sure your projector has at least two HDMI ports and a resolution of above 1920 x 1080.

Projectors to consider:

·         Sony VPL-HW45E5 (RM8600)

This projector has one of the best image qualities amongst the midrange-priced competition in the market, which darker blacks and better image “pops”. In an environment where light is well-controlled, the Sony projector definitely impresses with its colour contrast. However, it doesn’t have an Ethernet port or IP controls which the top-end projectors offer.

Source: B&H

·         Epson Home Cinema 5040N (RM11,900)

If you are willing to pay a premium for a luxurious projector and you want better image quality, along with support for wide colour gamut (WCG) as well as UHD resolutions, the Epson Home Cinema fits the bill. Its easy set-up and automated integration with some of the existing home theatre systems make it a joy to use. As a premium projector, it also comes with a 12V trigger and Ethernet on board. 

Source: Projector Reviews