How to secretly read your WhatsApp messages even with read receipts on

No blue-tick blues for you, but of course, this hack has its limitations

When the blue ticks arrived on the scene, everyone got mad at WhatsApp.

Then we were all a little pacified when we were allowed to turn read receipts aka blue ticks off. Now it turns out there’s a little trick that lets you get the best of both worlds: enabling read receipts/blue ticks and still hiding the fact that you’ve read the messages.

The best thing about this hack? It works for Facebook Messenger too. Think of it as becoming invisible just like you did back when you were using MSN Messenger.

Why not just disable read receipts?

Well, this is just an option for you to read messages and not give away the fact that you are. What can they say? As far as they know, read receipts are working just fine. (Shhhh)

So how exactly does this work? Read on.