How to never miss a Facebook update again

“Why didn’t I see that on my feed?” is a question that will cease to exist thanks to these quick tips
How to never miss a Facebook update again

If you’ve been experiencing a decline in important posts on your feed, and subsequently neglecting to leave your all invaluable comments on them, here’s how you can receive the Full Monty treatment from your significant contacts and liked Facebook pages.

Method 1: Individual updates

How to never miss a Facebook update again

If you'd like to keep up to date with all of a single person or page's postings, this is what you've to do.

On your Facebook friends’ profiles, click on the “Friends” button to pull out the dropdown menu and click on “Get notifications”. It also works for the pages you have liked, to trigger notifications (as in that little red alert) every time your friends or liked pages post something.

Method 2: Altogether now

How to never miss a Facebook update again

If you'd prefer a customised feed of a select group of people and pages, you can create your own.

Come up with personalised list of interests by scrolling to the bottom of the menu on the left, hovering until the “More” option appears, and adding the appropriate people and pages to the list you’ve created.

You could add your friendly neighbourhood tech writers and sites to a wittily-named list to get all the latest on tech (but really, all you need is one), 

How to never miss a Facebook update again

When you’ve successfully created it, add the particular list to your favourites and it should manifest in the top left of your page, just under all your important stuff like “Messages” and “Photos”. 

Use your list instead of Facebook's default "Most recent" and Top stories" feeds to view everything posted by these parties, because let's face it, someone else's breakfast status post is hardly the most earth-shattering piece of news you need to prioritise reading.