This is how much the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will cost in Malaysia

Malaysian preorders for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are now open, with attractive telco deals too

Official preorders have opened for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in Malaysia, with the official pricing already released as well.

If you need an iPhone 8 in your life, you could preorder via one of the many distributors or via the major telcos, all offering various plans as well as special offers.

The full RRP for the models are as follows:

iPhone 8: RM3649 (64GB), RM4399 (256GB)iPhone 8 Plus: RM4149 (64GB), RM48999 (256GB)

Buy it from a store

As Apple doesn't have an official retail presence here, you can instead preorder from one of these outlets:

Machines offers both preorders at its retail outlets or on its website.

Macstudio only has a registration of interest form on its own website, as does Mac City here.

Switch offers both preorders for the phones as well as accessories for sale on its official iPhone 8 page.

To find retailers nearer you if you live far from city centres, find your nearest one on the official Apple website.


Get a telco deal - U Mobile

U Mobile offers the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus with both postpaid and prepaid plans. There's an upfront payment of RM600 with the i90 plan and RM960, that will be rebated over 24 months. Prepaid plans will have to add an extra RM150 to top-up their plans.

Postpaid/prepaid with i90 and i130 plans:

iPhone 8 64GB: RM2500/RM2140

iPhone 8 256GB: RM3160/RM2800

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB: RM2935/RM2575

iPhone 8 Plus 256GB: RM3595/RM3235

Check out the plans/preorder online on the U Mobile website.



Get a telco deal - Digi

For Digi, there are three postpaid plan options as well as the option to select an Easy Purchase Plan via credit card instead. An advance payment from RM530 to RM930 will be levied on your plan as well as a one-month subscription fee. The company is also taking preorders only from 13-15 October. Preorders will also get (while stocks last) a tempered screen protector as well as a case.

Postpaid with Digi Postpaid 78, 108 and 138 plans:

iPhone 8 64GB: RM2570/RM3208/RM3238

iPhone 8 256GB: RM3030/RM2830

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB: RM3005/RM2805/RM2605

iPhone 8 Plus 256GB: RM3665/RM3465/RM3265

Preorder over at the official Digi iPhone 8 page.

Get a telco deal - Celcom

Celcom provides two options of owning the iPhone 8/8 Plus - either via its hire purchase Easy Phone plan where you pay a monthly fee on top of the postpaid plan fee or the typical plans. For the Easy Phone plan options, there's the RM98 Gold Plus, RM128 Gold Supreme, RM148 First Platinum and the RM188 First Platinum Plus. A full list of monthly fees can be found here.

Pricing for the RM98 Gold Plus, RM128 Gold Supreme, RM148 First Platinum and the RM188 First Platinum Plus as follows:

iPhone 8 64GB: RM2398/RM2178/RM2038/RM1748

iPhone 8 256GB: RM3058/RM2838/RM2698/RM2408

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB: RM2828/RM2618/RM2188

iPhone 8 Plus 256GB: RM3488/RM3278/RM2848

The more expensive the plan, the cheaper the phone as can be seen above but there'll be an upfront payment of RM700-RM1300 so basically you're almost paying the same in total at the end of the day.

Check out the plans here.






Get a telco deal - Maxis

Maxis is offering the phone with its MaxisOne Plan 128, MaxisOne Plan 158 and MaxisOne Plan 188 plans, but only older iPhones are available on its Zerolution hire-purchase scheme.

Postpaid device prices with MaxisOne Plan 128, MaxisOne Plan 158 and MaxisOne Plan 188 plans are as follows:

iPhone 8 64GB: RM2330/RM2150/RM1970

iPhone 8 256GB: RM2990/RM2810/RM2630

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB: RM2765/RM2585/RM2405

iPhone 8 Plus 256GB: RM3425/RM3245/RM3065

There will be an upfront plan ranging from RM714 to RM954, which will be waived for customers with good payment standing.

Preorder on the official Maxis page here.