How to master...YouTube

Tube tweaking

All set up? Now it's time to start customising YouTube with these extensions and buried settings...

11) Add some new controls

Fancy an extra menu of YouTube controls, including a ‘cinema mode’ that gives your viewing box a Philips Ambilight-like glow?

Download the excellent Chrome extension Magic Actions (free, chrome.google.com). It's so good you'll forget how limited vanilla YouTube can feel.

12) Get YouTube Lite

If you're browsing on a laptop then the regular YouTube site can be a little too fiddly and cluttered to navigate efficiently.

Go to youtube.com/tv fixes that by changing the interface to a cleaner, simpler version of the site, minus all the distractions.

13) Turn it into a karaoke machine

Apart from cats, YouTube’s second biggest export is probably music videos, which tend to get a lot of action during parties and gatherings amongst those who don’t have a Spotify subscription.

You can do more than just listen to Taylor Swift drop sick beats though – you can sing along in unison with her too. A Chrome extension called Musixmatch turns YouTube into the world’s largest karaoke library, flinging up lyrics over almost any music video automatically (though it still won’t help you keep in time with Scatman John).

14) Slow things down


YouTube is packed with all sorts of useful tutorials from dance moves to lifehacks, and everything in between. Sometimes it's useful to slow everything down to help you nail a particular move or step.

Just hit the settings button in the bottom right of a video, and select the playback speed options. Simple and effective.