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Apogee JAM

The JAM is a plug-and-play system to connect electric guitars or bass to a Mac or iOS device.

The original’s studio-quality, although ensure you get a Lightning cable in the box. For a bit more money, the JAM 96k further ramps up the quality, in terms of sound, build and recording resolution.

Buy the Apogee Jam (£118, RM645)

CME Xkey

Although you can tap on your Mac’s keyboard or iPad’s screen to trigger sounds, a MIDI keyboard’s better.

The Xkey is small, light, responsive and portable, even if the short key travel initially feels a little strange. For iOS, you’ll also need Apple’s (inaccurately named) Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (£29).

Buy the CME Xkey (RM436)

Spark Digital

This dinky microphone ably deals with vocals and acoustic instrument recordings, and has connectors for iOS (Lightning) and USB.

If the price tag’s too rich, consider Blue’s Yeti mics (from RM530) instead, although you may need a powered USB hub (RM50 or so) to get one working with an iPad.

Buy the Spark Digital (RM1007)