Intermediate level: Guitars

Tune up

Unless you hate your ears (and everyone else’s), get your guitar in tune before recording.

On macOS, the tuner button is found in the main toolbar; on iOS, it appears when viewing an Amp track. Use the levels indicator to get your strings sounding perfect.

Be a knob twiddler

Amp presets in GarageBand aren’t fixed effects. Instead, they are digital recreations of real-world amps.

This means you can fiddle with dials to get the perfect sound for your current recording, adjusting gain, EQ, reverb, distortion, presence, and other settings.

Pedal to the metal

Tap the pedal button to see the effects set-up for your guitar track. Individual pedals can be fine-tuned and reordered.

You can also add new pedals. On macOS, just drag them; on iOS, tap an empty slot then add a pedal. You can add up to four on iOS, and more on macOS.

Test your levels

When you have a real guitar plugged into your Mac or iOS device, carefully test levels before any serious recording.

Play parts of the full range of your song, watch the indicators and, where relevant, adjust the input level accordingly. Avoid whisper-quiet input and unwanted distortion.