How I ditched my laptop for an iPad Pro (and you can too)

Remote desktop apps are a great compromise

While it was easy enough to get used to writing on an iPad, I work on two different online content management systems (CMSes) for work. Thanks to their quirks, I often still have to boot up my desktop PC to do some things.

Does that make my iPad useless? No. What it does is allow me access to my desktop wherever I am, thanks to apps such as Jump Desktop. As both my desktop and the iPad Pro are high-spec machines, and my home Internet is fairly fast, I experience very little latency even when accessing my PC on a mobile connection.

While Jump isn't a free app, I find its in-app keyboard and gestures are worth the money, and I'd rather pay upfront for full functionality than for in-app purchases. A free alternative to Jump is TeamViewer, which is free for personal, non-commercial use. So you can try it on for size and decide if you'd be willing to pay full price for another remote desktop, or if you're not using it for work, keep using it.