How I ditched my laptop for an iPad Pro (and you can too)

My back will stop hating me

A laptop that would be as capable as my desktop would cost twice as much as the latter, and having to worry about it getting stolen (laptop theft is super rampant in Malaysia) as well as having to lug it around (with charger/spare battery etc) just didn't seem worth it.

The iPad Pro could last at least 5-6 hours on battery, running the Jump app, without me needing to worry too much about charging it. And the best thing? It weighs so little I could easily slip it into a handbag where I'd usually need a larger, padded backpack for laptop carrying purposes.

Working on an iPad Pro makes it easier to move around; I'd developed bad cramps in my neck, calves and left index finger thanks to spending too much time at my desktop. Hooking up wireless earphones such as the AirPods or the BeatsX makes it easy to listen to music while working on the iPad and since this a cellular model, I can even answer calls from my iPhone on the iPad. And still walk over to the kitchen for water while I'm at it.