How I ditched my laptop for an iPad Pro (and you can too)

The iPad isn't a laptop, don't try and make it one

I've been a tech writer for roughly a decade. Macs, PCs, Linux notebooks: I've tried them all. Here's what I can say about the iPad Pro: while it is very powerful, it is still running a mobile OS and not a desktop one.

iOS as shiny as it is does have its limitations. If you can accept those limitations and work within its confines, then you'll be fine. 

Learn the gestures for both the iPad as well as the keyboard shortcuts, whether you use the Smart Keyboard or a third-party one.

Ask yourself this question for all the functions you usually have on your laptop: Is there an app for that? 

The good news is that 9/10 times, there will be. Now, whether that app is good enough for you is another matter. I'm an avowed app junkie: I have multiple photo-editing apps and drawing apps because I just like trying them all out. You might need to try a few until something clicks and if you don't have the patience for that, an iPad Pro might not be for you.