This is how ghost hunters use tech to track the supernatural

Is there a science to ghosthunting? The Singapore Paranormal Investigators answer that and more

Remember the proton packs the Ghostbusters rocked? Turned out they're not all that impossible. There is a method to the madness, a perceived science and of course, gadgets that modern ghosthunters use to track the paranormal.  

We’re not talking religious artefacts but devices you can purchase off the internet. They’re nothing like what you’ve ever seen before, ranging from instruments that measure sudden changes in temperatures, to tools that detect electromagnetic field frequencies. Contrary to what popular culture might lead you to believe, ghosts don’t appear as full bloodied figures, but manifest as orbs and energy. Well, at least according to ghost hunters. We spoke to Desmond Wong of the Singapore Paranormal Investigators to understand what they do and how they do it.

*The Singapore Paranormal Investigators are an organisation that studies paranormal phenomena using scientific means. They investigate rumoured haunted places and even respond to complaints about private hauntings. Yes, that means if you think you have a paranormal problem, you can hit them up.

Step 2: Personal encounter

Well, seeing is believing and there’s nothing quite like experiencing something yourself. To this end, the SPI usually head to reported haunted spot with some of their tech tools. They usually use electromagnetic field (EMF) meters, voice recorders, infrared video recorders, and temperature guns in the field to record data.

An example of an EMF meter is the Ghost Meter Pro that’s used to detect EMF irregularities and used to communicate with the spirits. For example, they can ask questions with it like “Are you male or female? Flash once for male and twice for female.” They’ve also measured whispering and laughter with their voice recorders.

They also get human volunteers, up to two to corroborate, to sit in the middle of the space and place motion sensors around them to see if they’re triggered. In some cases, they might also get psychics and religious priests to carry out rites and take photos and measurements while that's going on.