How to get Pokémon Go on your Apple Watch

It's time to hatch some eggs

We’ve been way excited about playing Pokémon Go from our wrists since the Watch app was announced at Apple’s September event.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to catch any pocket monsters from your Apple Watch. Like most Watch apps, it's more of a companion for serving up notifications so when it comes to the actual capturing, you still need your iPhone for that. What you will be able to do is hatch eggs (new baby Pokémon!), be notified when there are Pokémon lurking nearby in the wild, collect items from Pokéstops and log each play session as a workout.

While the hype has certainly died, it’s only a matter of time before the release of Gen 2 critters. So get it on your wrist to get a headstart on completing your Pokédex and hitting your fitness goals. 

How to get PoGo on your wrist

First, make sure your app is updated because the Watch app is only included in the latest update.

Then go to the Watch app on your iPhone, scroll all the way down within My Watch till you get to the Apps section. The app’s name has been helpfully put in upper case SO YOU CAN’T MISS IT.

Tap on it and enable Show App on Apple Watch. Look at your Watch’s app screen and you should see the app satisfyingly appear as a Pokéball - if only all app icons came full circle like that. 

Next, fire up Pokémon Go on your iPhone and it should automatically prompt you to enable certain Health data readings. Now your Pokémon activity will count towards your closing of the Activity rings on your Apple Watch. Sweet. 

Now excuse us while we run out and see if we can hatch any new Pokémon.