How to download iOS 8 without destroying all of your iOS 7 life

Don’t panic, hands off that delete button, you don't have to do this
How to download iOS 8 without deleting all of your iOS 7 life

Apple wasn't kidding when they called iOS 8 "the biggest iOS release ever".

Even iOS 7 with its complete makeover only required a paltry 2.9GB to install in comparison to iOS 8's significant requirement of 5.7GB (more for iPad) of free space. Which people with 16GB iPhones (or even regular use of their bigger capacity iThings) will find hard to cough up.

Before you tear your hair out deciding if you should sacrifice those photos of your kids celebrating their first birthday, we have a simple solution that might take away your misery. 

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Download iOS 8 directly via iTunes

How to download iOS 8 without deleting all of your iOS 7 life

Whether it's an iPad or iPhone you're trying to update, sync it to the laptop or desktop of your choice. After you've carried out the all important task of backing up your data, even if iTunes tells you your phone is up to date, hit "Check for updates".

Whatever you do, do not click "Restore iPhone" which has been so strategically placed right next to it. Do that, and you can cry yourself to sleep after you realised you've wiped out your whole life on the iPhone.

The iOS 8 update should pop up and you can go on your merry way, downloading it without having to make sentimental sacrifices in the name of progress. Why? Doing it this way requires minimal space as the update is downloaded onto your Mac/PC and then pushed to your phone/tablet versus doing it directly on your iThing via over-the-air updating.

Go forth and enjoy iOS 8 painlessly. 

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Oh Apple

How to download iOS 8 without deleting all of your iOS 7 life

We couldn't help but notice the loaded meaning in Apple's marketing phrasing of iOS 8 on their site.

However given Apple's knack for hiding clues in its invites, is the joke on Apple, or is it really on us?

Who cares though? We're too busy downloading new apps for iOS 8.

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