How to create shareable videos in 3 simple steps with Apple's Clips

Clips is the quick video-making fix you never realised you needed

Who wants to spend an hour creating a simple 30-second captioned video? You're right, nobody. 

To put it simply, creating a video is a pain in the behind. Quick and dirty efforts like Instagram Stories look exactly like that - quick and dirty. While if you want more polished results, it takes time. Clips, Apple's own video-editing app, bridges this divide between quality and time-taken well enough for sharing on your social platforms. 



What is different about Clips?

Clips turns out more sophisticated results than a GIF-maker like Vine (RIP) does, is more thought-out than Instagram Stories, but also a whole lot more user-friendly than other video-editing apps like iMovie. In other words, it's incredibly easy to get started on and create something from all the photos and videos you've already accummulated in your phone. No, you don't need an ounce of video-editing experience to make great looking videos with this app. 

It can be as short and simple as you want, or as long and layered with effects too. It's completely up to you (and how much storage space there is on your iPhone). 

Step #1: Select content

You can either capture footage or a photo on the spot from the rear or front camera, or use what you've already got in your gallery. We prefer diving into our library because perfection cannot be rushed.

Tap on what you want, then tap "Hold to Record" for however long you want that photo or video to play in the resulting clip. You need at least one second for it to stick. 

Whether it's footage you record on the spot, or an old video or photo from the archives, it's up to you to mix it up and build your clip from scratch.