How to buy an Apple Watch in Malaysia

We don’t have be left out of all that Apple Watch fun even if we’re not one of the first countries to get it officially

We hate to break it to you - you won’t be able to camp outside the Apple stores to get the Apple Watch.

So if you’ve been building up your queue tolerance up till this point to secure yourself Apple’s first wearable, we’re sad to tell you that it’s all been in vain. Sorry.

Apple has been tight-lipped about how Apple Watch sales are going to be like. But in the days leading up to the pre-order, information has trickled forth. We’ve been hearing that all sales have to take place online, so even if you booked a try-on appointment at an Apple Store, you’d still have to order online before you get the Watch.

Also, you won’t be able to walk into an Apple Store and walk out with an Apple Watch. It would take pre-planning to secure yourself one.