How to be the next big YouTuber

Here's what you need, and what it takes to be the next popular YouTube channel
How to be the next big YouTuber

Video is where it's at these days, and no one knows that better than YouTube.

Where once getting a lot of hits meant just bragging rights and ego-stroking, becoming a YouTube partner now helps you gain revenue for making those hilarious cat videos. But how exactly do you get started?

Going local

What most successful YouTubers know is their audience. Find a niche that isn't serviced as much yet and make it yours, rather than try to just ape other channels.

You want to know a niche that people aren't tapping enough? How about checking your own backyard? In our case, it's the Malaysian market. Yes, there are quite a few well-known Malaysian YouTubers but the truth is there is still far too little local and original content on YouTube.

You don't even need some fancy, schmancy concept for your video to be popular either. Some of the most popular local videos are very topical, like The Ming Thing's "Your Accent Comes From Where" which pokes fun at Malaysians who suddenly acquire foreign accents.

Sometimes, you become a viral hit when you're not making a video for the sake of hits and views. Two of our biggest YouTube exports, Yuna and Zee Avi, first started out making videos not for the world but for smaller, more intimate audiences - their friends.