Here’s what you missed at the opening of Apple Orchard Road

Until we get our own in Malaysia, we'll have to live vicariously through our Singaporean counterparts

We thought we saw the last of the snaking lines with the better organisation of telcos on flagship product launch day. But we were wrong for this is probably the launch of Apple's biggest product to date across the border in Singapore - the official Apple store. 

The last time the opening of a store reached such levels of hype was the Abercrombie & Fitch one - which is coincidentally located just next door. And for all the excitement that's been building since news of the store leaked, we're glad that opening day didn't disappoint. 

A little before the doors opened at 10am, the Apple Geniuses, those clad in blue Apple tees, must have been given a heck of a motivational speech, because they all started whooping and clapping. To warm the crowd up, they filed out of the store high-fiving those waiting patiently in the queue.

The last time we heard enthusiasm like that was when we attended school camp, but it did the job because the crowd ate it up. You want proof? Just look at all the photos that have made their way onto the internet. 

Soon after, the doors opened and the first in the queue was given the go ahead to step right in. Everyone who lined up was treated to a rousing welcome as they stepped into the store.

For the early part of opening, Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President of Retail, also took her place alongside the Apple Geniuses to welcome the crowd. 

Children were treated extra special as the staff would get down to their level and hold their hands out to the often shy tots being nudged gently forward by their parents.

If the line experienced occasional pauses, it would be because people were taking photos and videos with the obliging staff. People also walked away with special Apple Orchard Road tees which are already being hawked on Carousell for S$50 (RM155) and up. Is this why we can't have nice things? Probably.  

The line moved steadily and the store filled up fast. Amongst the crowd, we spotted Sariddej Teppaitoon, Apple diehard who flew in from Thailand to be number 11 in the queue. He was a little hard to miss given his tattoos of Apple products. He shared that he had been waiting since 8pm the night before, but it was not spent camping out on the cold hard floor outside Apple Orchard Road. Apple actually ushered the overnight queuers into a room to spend the night. 

When asked for his motivation for going to such lengths, the man simply replied, "Because I love Apple".