Here Are Five Apps To Help You Get More Duit Raya

Don't just transfer or receive e-Duit Raya, make the best out of it!

Raya season is here! It's been a challenging Ramadhan for many of you, I'm sure. But you can now reap the rewards as Raya kicks in and as always, there's plenty of things to look forward to. Holidays, gatherings, fun, food, and most importantly: money! 

Okay, the receiving money part depends on your rank. Those who have to be the one giving money and are into the latest tech will likely be using e-wallets to transfer the money (just in case the ATM fails you or you can’t get those green packets). Those on the receiving end will then need to follow suit to get that money. 

There are plenty of apps you can use to transfer duit raya; banks like Maybank, CIMB, HongLeong, Public Bank and even RHB's apps all give you the ability to transfer duit raya. There are also e-wallet apps like Boost, TouchnGo and BigPay that give you the ability to transfer and received Duit Raya too. 

But that's not the only aspect about Raya to look out for when using these apps. The most important factor, of course, is if you can strike some awesome deals as you give out/receive money or shop on these apps. Well, if you're looking for ways to get more duit raya, here are five apps you need to have!

Boost: Raya, Shake, Raya Lagi!

Boost has had their Super Shake promotion going on since 27 May, with a chance to win a new Proton X70 and prizes worth up to MYR2.5 million up for grab. To stand a chance to win these prizes, you need to get tokens which you get for every MYR10 you spend. Well, now this includes sending out e-Duit Raya using the app worth MYR10 cumulatively! While getting the prizes is up to chance once you get those tokens, it’s a good opportunity to take on, especially if you’re keen to use e-Wallets to send out duit raya.

Find out more here. Don't have Boost? Sign up now (and use the invite code mict43b for an extra MYR5 duit raya once you top up credit)!

TouchnGo: Ketupat Runtuh

Called the Ketupat Runtuh, every time you spend MYR5 using the TouchnGo e-Wallet app, you'll get back some duit raya (all cashbacks will be called duit raya from here on out) in return! It's not specific how much your cashback will be, but so far it ranges around MYR1-MYR5 so it's still a good amount to get back all the same. 

It's important to note though that only the first three payments you do during this promotion time gets cashback so plan that out carefully. On the plus side, you'll also be in the running to win MYR1,000! Now that's some duit raya right there.


Find out more here. Don't have TouchnGo e-Wallet? Sign up now (use the code zycnb9 for 5 extra toll rebates)!


MAE: istiMAEwa Raya

Maybank’s very own e-Wallet MAE also comes with some pretty awesome promotions to look out for. First off; sending e-Duit Raya using the app could score you more chances to win part of the MYR250,000 cash reward on offer. According to the website though, you will also get some cash rewards instantly though it’s not stated how much. Still worth looking into though! 

But that’s not all, there’s also special cashback with up to 31% off on selected merchants. You get more cashback the more bundles you spend across, so do check their list and if you’re planning to spend on any of the merchants, take advantage of these promos to get more duit raya!


Find out more here. Don't have MAE? Sign up now (psst you can use my code mjb1010 for a chance to get more cashback!)!

FavePay: Ramadhan Fiesta

FavePay isn't technically an e-Wallet, and you can't receive or transfer duit raya on it either. But you've seen payments using the app being accepted in quite a lot of places, so why not take advantage of it with some cashbacks? If you're keen to get more duit raya while doing you're shopping, make payments using the app and use these codes to save some money and earn more! 

Find out more here. Don't have FavePay? Sign up now!

ShopBack: Jom Du-It!

ShopBack doesn't get enough attention, though it totally should, especially with this campaign going on! For those unaware, ShopBack is an app that gives you a certain amount of cashback when you use it to purchase anything. 

Their Raya promo is called Jom Du-It! It gives you MYR10 for every tile you complete; these range from using the app to buy mobile reload, booking transport, food delivery & groceries, and so many more! 

If you manage to complete all 9 tiles, that's MYR100 duit raya! The best part? You can actually cashout this money (and any cashback you earn using the app) and bank it straight to your account! Now that's some real duit raya right there. 

Find out more here. Don't have ShopBack? Sign up now! 

Here’s to a great  and blessed Raya ahead. Selamat Hari Raya from all of us here at Stuff Malaysia!