Here are the best dashcams you can buy for your car

Give yourself peace of mind on the road

Dashcams are becoming the new must-have in-car tech for your ride. While you probably don’t want to publicise your road accidents like some Russian viral videos on YouTube, dashcams are becoming important car accessories, especially if you’re an Uber or Grabcar driver who’s constantly on the road for hours on end.  

In the event you get into an accident, your dashcam will give you undeniable footage of what really happened, great for insurance claim cases or to prove you’re guilt-free in the collision. It’s also great to protect yourself against scammers who intentionally get into accidents to try and claim your insurance.

While there are a number of apps you can download to turn your smartphone into a dashcam, nothing really beats a purpose-built model. Many of these cameras shoot in full HD, can be fitted directly into the car’s power, and come with a collision detection feature (sometimes called a G-Sensor) that automatically protects footage when it detects your car getting hit.  

Here are some of the best dashcams available today and why we think they're worth your money.

Yi Dash Camera (RM195)

Many Yi Action cams have been converted into dashcams. So much so, that the brand decided to release a specialised dashcam model. The Yi Dash Camera shoots full 1080p HD 60fps video on a 165° ultra wide angle f/1.8 lens, so you can capture the entirety your drive, and it’s quite clear at night too. It also has built-in Wi-Fi, a motion triggered G-Sensor for emergency recording and the option to go 1296p ultra HD at 30fps. It’s small, lightweight and unobtrusive when driving.

While the UI is simple to use, the cheaper model as linked here is only in Chinese. The international version is tad bit expensive on the other hand. If you’re game, there are handy translations available for the settings menu and app options

Best for: Drivers on a budget who need a reliable dashcam. 

Pioneer ND-DVR110 (RM299)

An alternative budget dashcam, the Pioneer ND-DVR110 checks all the boxes for dashcam features. It shoots video in 1080p full HD, comes with a 2.7-inch LCD screen on the rear and only records when it detects your car is moving. Otherwise in parking mode, you’ll have to enable the parking monitoring mode (T-mode) to shoot a timelapse video to save memory space. You can also set it to record normally (P-mode) when you car is parked.

There’s a collision reaction unit that locks footage when the dashcam detects a vehicle collision. The ND-DVR110 will automatically lock the footage of the previous 10 seconds and the latter 20 seconds of the accident, saved into a special file. 

Best for: Drivers who want extra features at an affordable price.