Having some Kehmistry together

New made-in-Malaysia dating app wants to make the chore of finding new people to date walk away
Having some Kehmistry together

Fresh from coding school, Bernard Lim, Shanker Joyrama and Toh Yit Ming have a solution for all the lonely hearts out there - an all-new made-in-Malaysia dating app.

Its name? Kehmistry. Stop correcting us, autocorrect! That’s the actual name. No, really, we can prove it, just ask one of the co-founders Shanker.

Fess up, you guys spelt it wrong and stuck with it, right?

Having some Kehmistry together

The name actually came up after exhausting all other date-app-related names that were lame and cliché. When we were talking about the word ‘chemistry’ immediately something clicked for us to find alternative phonetic spelling for it; as everyone knows, you need chemistry for two people to click right?

So after a short search, vote and purchase – we have the whole suite of address and social media related to the name.

How’d the company and app get started?

Kehmistry started as an idea a couple of years ago. As for the app, it was the case of everything coming together at the right moment. Bernard and I talked over and discovered that the market is at the right moment and prime for something like Kehmistry to start rolling out to the public. So we went ahead with our development, and started our beta period – which is running until the launch date.

Please tell us it’s not another Tinder or Paktor. Give us a reason, no, three, to try Kehmistry

Having some Kehmistry together
Having some Kehmistry together

First, we want to make registration easy. Thus, it should take less than a minute from downloading the app to browsing compatible persons available in our database.

Second, we have to have quality over quantity in our database of users, thus our main target audience are English-speaking, urban middle-class adults.

Third, we want to also impart simple but important knowledge to our users – thus the inclusion of gender-specific tips to ease people into the dating tips. For the men, how to pick up the ladies for a date, what to bring on a date; while the ladies it is more of safety tips on dates, what to wear and such.

We also want to tell the guys and girls what and what not to do during dates, as we found out through our research that Malaysian men are generally lax in date etiquettes while the ladies are not so far off as well.

We’ve struck out for the umpteen time. There must be an easier way to snag a date!

In the near future, we also want to expand our geo-location features in the app – currently it shows other users in the vicinity, according to your preferences. We want to develop this feature so that users can be notified if another user that matches your requirement settings is nearby. You can then click on the user’s profile, and initiate the ice breaking between two strangers.

We’re still skeptical about finding true love via smartphones

Firstly, the adoption rate for proper smartphone has increased – thanks to affordable models flooding into the market. Second, data usage rate has also increased which in turn increases the number of Malaysians online. Lastly, we are getting busy, and this is our way to solve the problem of busy urbanites finding new people to meet but are too occupied with work and other commitment to make the first step.