Go download that dating app, it's your best shot for Valentine's Day

A little help from your smartphone isn’t going to get you boos and hisses, you might get lucky instead
Go download that dating app, it's your best shot for Valentine's Day

If there are any single ladies out there looking for a date on 14th February, we're available.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, ask yourselves - why aren’t you using a dating app? Are you scared of being called a loser if you go online to search for a date?

Don’t. Get with the times, dating apps are the way forward to enhance your social life. Why should you be bothered about what your peers say about online dating? It’s perfectly safe and is no different from the dating game in real-life. Heck, it might even be safer than a night out at a pub.

Stop moping around, just do it. We tried it, and we're here to tell you why it works. Well, not all the time.

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You'll get to know your dates before you meet them


Going on a date is like charging into the warfront - you’ll need every date survival skill to live through two hours of social interaction.

Knowing your date’s interest wins half the battle. Have a look at their profile information, likes and even mutual friends. Heaven forbid, you don’t want to end up on a date with a friend’s ex and go through the date in silent awkwardness.

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Identifying your dates

Ignore people’s judgement; it’s the same as picking someone up at the bar, plus you’re more likely to be sober when Tindering.  

For the type of people you find on each app, there are certain stereotypes, but there’s a reason why a chat window opens up instead of an automatic date-setter.

It’s important to start a conversation immediately if you’re interested. Take it to WhatsApp because the apps’ chat functions can sometimes be buggy and get in the way of the conversation flow. You don’t want something as ridiculous as a bug fix to make you miss out on your one true love.

As for the safety aspect, I’ve met my fair share of weirdos including a very succinct fellow who just went with “tonight?” as way of introduction. The beauty of these apps is that you can always block them.

Out of all the guys I spoke to using the different apps, I only managed to grab coffee with one guy who seemed nice enough. In person, he turned out to be 1.9m tall. Which can be a little strange when you’re all of 1.56m. Maybe OkCupid’s information overload is not that bad afterall…

You'll love that magical sense of satisfaction when someone likes you

That magical sense of satisfaction when someone likes you

Putting all thoughts of procreation aside, getting a date is a much needed ego boost. Admit it, you get a kick when you secure a date, or someone decides to take the initiative.

This works both ways for men and women, so don’t go pretending that it doesn't matter when someone swipes your profile to the right. Go on, flash that silly little grin.

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Canvassing for likes

I admit it. I love Tinder.

Mainly because it helps me meet new people who are open minded enough to try a 'dating app'. Also because it’s quick, convenient and quirky.

And because it’s always nice to get a push note saying “Congratulations you have a new match”. Everyone likes to be ‘liked’, right? Especially by someone they fancy.

I’ve got 108 matches in seven weeks. I’ve spoken to about 30 of them and met with six. Not a great turnover, I know. But there’s no way I could approach 108 strangers on the MRT to see if they fancy coffee sometime. Everyone’s too busy with their heads in their smartphones. On Tinder, hopefully.