Get high with these 5 drones you can fly in Malaysia

Put on those shades, play the Top Gun theme and prep for takeoff

Remote controlled flight used to be the domain of the well-heeled or the dedicated hobbyist - but no longer.

Since a few years ago, quadcopters have swept the world by storm and have become so accessible that we predict that every middle-class family will have at least one form of unmanned aerial vehicle by the end of this decade.

Quadcopters, or “drones” as they are commonly known, are literally everywhere. The incessant upset-bee buzz of drones punctuate every photo-worthy event, from wedding shoots to a quiet walk down the beach to an uninhabited volcanic crater. As high definition cameras get smaller, drones you accidentally slap to death due to being mistaken for an insect are probably right around the corner.

Since the materials used to construct drones have become so accessible, the market has been inundated with dozens of quadcopter brands, and that may be quite intimidating for the aspiring UAV voyeur enthusiast. So fear not loyal reader! We have done all the boring and tedious stuff, namely “research”, for you and gathered a comprehensive list of the five best drones you can buy in Malaysia.

Just keep in mind that advanced software and cutting edge technology or not, quadcopters take some getting used to and flying remote controlled air-anything has always been notoriously tricky. So try not to unbox your brand new drone and fly it straight into a longkang.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard - RM3,286

DJI is to drones what GoPro is to action cameras, and its success has made its CEO Freddie Wong one of the youngest people on Forbes's billionaires list.

The company’s drones are now the benchmark for aerial photography, and nowadays you’ll more likely find knockoffs of the Phantom drone than you would a Chanel bag.

The latest range in its best-selling model, the Phantom 3 comes loaded with a truckload of incredible hardware and software, with the Phantom 3 Professional model boasting a very impressive 4K camera underneath.

The Phantom 3 is also chock full of sensors and navigational software, so piloting it is a relative breeze for beginners. It can be a bit pricey, with the Phantom 3 standard starting at around RM3,000, so it's definitely geared towards people with a serious interest in aerial photography.

Get the DJI Phantom 3 Standard here