Get into the Halloween spirit with these events in Kuala Lumpur

If you want some Halloween fun in Kuala Lumpur, these are the places you'll need to be

It's been a spooky year for Malaysians. There's much to be scared about: haze, the weakening ringgit, rising toll rates, the political situation.

Time to let go a little bit and embrace the spookiness. If you can deal with the fact that Halloween in Malaysia was banned for Muslims last year by the National Fatwa Council, then check out our handy-dandy guide.

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Puma Night Run 2015

While not as filled with the Halloween spirit as the Halloween Fun Run in KK, Sabah, Puma Night Run 2015 is a 10 km night run with men's and women's categories with prizes up to RM 2500. It takes place at Setia Alam Convention Centre in Shah Alam.

Registration is closed, but you might be able to grab a ticket off of the Facebook Page from someone who can't make it. If all else fails, you can still attend as a supporter. And if you like what you see, sign up next year!

Pisco Bar presents Dia de Los Muertas

Jalan Mesui has a bunch of great bars. Nagaba is known for its drum & bass nights (Goldie and LTJ Bukem have spun there). No Black Tie is the premier jazz club in KL. One of the street's newest additions, Pisco Bar has earned a reputation as a warm and friendly place to drink. A true speakeasy, in stark contrast with the bars on Changkat Bukit Bintang two streets over.

Pisco Bar presents Dia de Los Muertas, a Halloween party inspired by Mexico's Day of the Dead, the day when the dead rise up and walk around for a while.

Under9 Halloween Special: Children of the Damned

Under Ming Annexe, near Saint John's Cathedral on Bukit Nanas, you'll find an underground venue for underground music fans. Insert reference to something coming out of its grave here. Something unholy, something that defies God's laws....

I've always thought of Under9 as a response to massive clubs like Milk and Zouk. Smokey and claustrophobic, but great music. For an underground club, the ventilation is remarkably good. And smoking isn't allowed in the main room, you have to go out into the hallway to smoke. That should please the more health-conscious ravers out there.

Children of the Damned, Under9 Halloween Special, features Jason Voon, Terence C, Notion A, Slutski, Khai. Free entry before 11pm, after which it's RM15.

Festival Light And Motion Putrajaya 2015

If you're in the mood for something family friendly, you could trek up to Legoland Malaysia for the Brick or Treat Party Nights finale.

But if Johor is too far for you, then why not check out Festival Light And Motion Putrajaya 2015. For one, it's a lot closer to home.

Festival Light And Motion Putrajaya 2015 (LAMPU) is a festival held in Putrajaya from October 30 to November 1 to celebrate lighting technology. Project mapping and wayang kulit are among the events lined up. If you're interested in consumer tech, you can't miss this!

Use Uber

Not the scariest thing you could do on Halloween. Then again, there have been reports of taxis harassing Uber drivers and riders.

Sit in front with the driver to avoid these kinds of confrontations. Uber might not be the root of all evil, but taking a ride with Uber could be the scariest thing you do all year.

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