Gear up for podcasting

Cleaning up with software

Gear up for podcasting

It's not enough to just record your sparkling commentary; you'll need to edit, trim and clean up rough-sounding audio before you upload your podcasts.

Audacity is an open-source software that's simple to learn and of course, free. Once you've outgrown it, try Reaper which goes for US$60 for personal use. On a Mac? Then there's the free and pretty powerful Garageband, which also has an iPad version. Take note, recording podcasts on an iPad might be trickier if you have multiple 'deejays' - it's better for solo podcasting projects.

What you basically need to learn is how to record and save your audio, convert it into a podcast-friendly format and make the necessary trimming or editing. Whatever software you use, just remember, practice makes perfect!