Gear up for podcasting

Fancy being the next Internet radio star? It's never too late to get geared
Gear up for podcasting

Video rules on the Internet. Yet podcasting, the equivalent of creating your own little pirate radio station on the Web, is still around and kicking.

Creating your own podcast is far simpler and less time-consuming that the work video takes. Getting started is a lot easier than you'd think. But you will, of course, need the right kit. Start off with the basics - a microphone, audio editing software and headphones. Once you're established, get a nice mixer. Can't decide what to get? Read on for our recommended podcasting gear.

A good mic ain't hard to find

Gear up for podcasting

Don't feel pressured to spend the big bucks until you're sure you're going to commit to podcasting in the long-term. Whatever the snobs or purists say, there is nothing wrong with eschewing a standalone microphone for a USB headset. Don't go for headsets that come with separate audio and mic jacks as some laptops no longer support separate mic ports.

But that doesn't mean you should be too stingy either. Something like the Plantronics Audio 628 (RM150) or the Logitech H540 (RM169) are decent headsets that offer reasonable microphone recording quality while providing noise-canceling benefits.

When you want to upgrade, there are two ways to go about it: go for a better USB mic from the likes of Blue Yeti and Samson. Or, spend more on getting proper studio mics, which will unfortunately need extra kit like a mixer. If you're podcasting on the go, USB mics like the Samson Go (US$39.99) are much easier to carry around.

If you fancy podcasting on the go, try IK Multimedia's iRig mini-microphones for iOS and Android phones.