Four in-car products from Philips Automotive to keep your eyes on

During its 100th anniversary event at Automechanika Shanghai, Philips gave a sneak peek at four upcoming innovations
Philips Automotive marks 100 years of innovations with four new products

At the annual Automechanika Shanghai automotive trade show, Philips Automotive kicked off a century of global innovations and celebrated its 100 anniversary in the automotive lighting business.

The company has been lighting the way (literally) for carmakers such as Volkswagen and Audi with its stylish and environmentally-friendly products. During its 100th anniversary event, it showcased four new innovations, which you’ll definitely want to get your hands on once they're available.

1) Colour me individual

Don't be a square - stand out in the jam, inject a dose of individuality into your driving style with Philips ColorVision. The first headlamp to add a subtle touch of colour comes in flavours of blue, green, purple, and yellow. Aside from the obvious upgrade in style, ColorVision also offers increased visibility as it beams 60% more light than the average lamp, so drivers can safely see up to 25 metres ahead of them.

What about LTA, you ask? Philips Automotive is currently sussing out the interest in the local market, so sharing the news would be highly beneficial to get this project underway.

2) Clear the air

Philips GoPure Compact Automotive Clean Air System

Remember that record-breaking level of smog in the air earlier this year and how it seemed like you could never get away from that wretched smell? Gear up for next year and perhaps, the foreseeable future, with the Philips GoPure Compact Automotive Clean Air System.

This medical-grade air purifier will filter the air impurities right out of your vehicle with its three-layer filtering process. In essence, your car will be the safest place to be when the haze invades our air space.

It's not just the haze that needs cleaning up; in-car pollution also occurs on the regular, especially in humid and nasty hot temperatures like ours. To ensure that you don't suffer the ill effects of being enclosed in a small space, this air purifier starts operating as soon as the car is started.

With two models to choose from, the GP100 and the GP200, germaphobes are spoilt for choice. Use them on regular days to combat in-car pollution, or the smell from that forgotten pair of gym socks, for an ultra-clean spot of breathing space while you're on the road.

3) For the record

Philips Automotive Driving Recorder

Like it or not, bad drivers exist. While you can't off them without facing dire consequences, you can take install the Philips Automotive Driving Recorder to capture footage of potential accidents and save your wallet from a hefty bill.

Designed to be tucked behind the rearview mirror, the ultra-compact driving recorder's instant collision detection and file save protection features automatically save footage and prevent overwriting. Boasting Blu-Ray quality videos to capture every detail that might escape other recorders in the market, this nifty recorder also has a NightView feature to capture incriminating evidence in low-light.

You don't even have to fret about turning it on; it starts recording the minute the vehicle is started to protect you against reckless drivers.

4) hue in cars

hue in cars

Remember the hue smart LED lights from Philips Lighting? If you loved the illuminative innovation, you’ll be pleased to know that Philips Automotive plans to develop something similar for your vehicle's interior.

Like what Philips Lighting has been doing to homes with hue and LivingColors, these planned automotive lights can affect ambiance. In short, it'll set the stage for different moods and situations,  such as adjusting light intensity and colours for a cooler or warmer interior during cold or sunny days. You might even soothe the missus when she's on a rampage with a cool light to calm her nerves. 

There's no concrete info about its launch just yet, but we'll be on top of it when there is so much as a waft of news.