Follow these simple steps to use OS X Yosemite's Continuity like a boss

Answer phone calls and messages across your Mac, iPad or iPhone with one of OS X Yosemite’s coolest new features
How to answer phone calls and messages across your Mac, iPad, and iPhone

OS X Yosemite brings with it a host of fresh features for you to sink your teeth into, especially the much talked about Continuity. But what exactly can you do with it?

What is Continuity?

A new feature brought to you by iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. It is, as its name implies, a continuity of whatever you're doing across various iDevices. Think of it as the invisible cord that connects all your iThings together for a more seamless user experience.

What does it do?

Hands up, those with more than one iThing. Yes, that’s probably most people. Becuase if you buy one iThing, you’re likely to buy another one. So if you’re one of them, Continuity applies to you and aims to make your working across iThings more seamless than ever via calls and messages.

What's the fine print?

You'll have to be logged into the same iCloud account across all your iThings on the same Wi-Fi network to access the magic of Continuity.

As for how to do it, read on to change your iLife...