5 YouTube Easter eggs you absolutely have to know about

Get ready to drop some YouTube knowledge bombs on your friends

When it comes to websites, video games, or even movies and TV shows, Easter eggs (not the colorfully painted ones for Easter) are a bunch of hidden features or messages purposely included by its creators for fun, or to reward its hardcore fans.

Google has always been known for its clever Easter eggs in many of its websites, and YouTube is no exception. Throughout the years, there have been many fun hidden features in the video sharing website that have come and gone. We’ve uncovered five fun and quirky Easter eggs still hidden in YouTube that can be revealed in a few easy steps. 

Webdriver Torso

The next time you open up YouTube on your browser, type in “Webdriver Torso” in the search field. The results page will turn colourfully red and blue, with the words “aqua.flv – Slide 0000 to 0009” counting endlessly on the bottom left of the webpage. This is a reference to the YouTube automated account created by Google as a test channel to keep tabs on upload quality. It’s still posting red and blue videos here too, in case you're wondering.

Doge Meme

Much awesome. Such wow. Surely you recognise the popular Doge meme depicting Kabosu the Shiba Inu glaring sideways, complete with poorly written English in colourful Comic Sans font

Enter “Doge Meme” in the YouTube search bar, and all of the fonts will transform into the same colourful Comic Sans, just like the popular meme.

Oh, and YouTube will stay this way until you close the window or tab.

Use the Force, Luke

You too can harness the power of the Force with your mind (or your mouse, to be precise) by searching for “Use the Force, Luke”. Your video results will start to float wildly all over, and can be controlled with the movement of your mouse.

If it’s giving you a headache, just leaving the results page will stop the animation.