First Play: Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive

Will you like Sunset Overdrive? Well, that depends on whether it suits you.

If Destiny is a custom space suit and The Order: 1886 is a tweed blazer, Sunset Overdrive is a luminous orange T-shirt with FREAKIN’ CRAZY BRO written on it in exploding glitter.


It is an energy drink of a video game: a riot of energy and colour, so sweet it’ll melt your teeth. Appropriately, its plot is kicked off by a new energy drink, which turns people into mutants. Not that plot really matters in a game like this, because it’s all about zooming around blowing up monsters and looking cool.

The gameplay is a cross between Tony Hawk (you can railslide along all kinds of improbable surfaces) and Dead Rising, with hordes of monsters crowding into open spaces so you can hose them with destruction.

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Like Tony Hawk, it looks difficult when someone else is playing, but when you pick it up it’s actually quite forgiving. The wall-running and rail-sliding is easy and once you get used to it, it carries you around the area at high speed, allowing you to escape the swinging talons of your enemies.

Because you’re carried along along at a pace, you can concentrate on swinging your many exciting guns around. There’s a touch of Saints Row in these crazy weapons - they fire things like vinyl records or exploding teddy bears - and it’s a lot of fun seeing the different ways they dispatch your many, many victims.

There was a fair bit of aim assist on the version we played, and we can imagine you’d charge through Sunset Overdrive at quite a pace. That’s not a bad thing - this is a hyperactive game. You’re not going to worry about finessing your shots or exploring every cranny of the environment, you’re just going to bomb around and have a laugh.

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Of course, we won’t know how long that laugh lasts until it’s released on October 28, but it could be prolonged by Overdrive’s multiplayer. With eight players unleashing mayhem co-operatively, it’s even more frenetic than the single-player campaign.

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The visual style is louder than a barrel full of dubstep (and let’s face it, there is almost no chance there won’t be some dubstep somewhere in Sunset Overdrive), and the clothes are straight out of a mid-90s issue of Tank Girl.

For all the speed and all the different things that are blowing up and whizzing around, the action is very fluid and it never becomes confused. If you like loud things and being called ‘dude’, you are going to have massive fun in Sunset Overdrive.

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