First look at the Razer Nabu

So Razer’s going to make its own app as well?

Yes and it’s not going to be just one app. There’ll be three inhouse developed apps in fact. The main utility app, a fitness app and a sleep app. The key to the Nabu though would be the utility app. It’s the main app that all Nabu users will have to download in order to set and control the smartband.

It’s also where users will be able to discover apps that are compatible with the Nabu. The Nabu utility functions as the gateway for the smartband to other apps, functionalities and use.

That being said, Razer isn’t just limiting the Nabu to its own homegrown apps. They’re making it an open platform so anyone can make an app for it. The possibilities with it are endless according to Razer.

For example, the social sharing features combined with the life tracking features of the Nabu have the potential to be gamefied. Like how the Zombies, Run! app uses the data from your runs to and transforms it into missions, with the inclusion of the social sharing aspect of the Nabu, similar games can add a social element, like maybe teaming up or maybe even competing with each other based on the life data collected.

Razer doesn’t want to limit it to gaming aspects either. They said that the Nabu has great potential in a business setting, especially for contact exchanges and networking.

These however were just examples that Razer gave us. They did confirm they are already in talks with various app developers to integrate Nabu support into their existing apps but kept mum on just who they were talking to. What they did reveal to us though is that there will be no shortage of apps with Nabu support as 15,000 developers have already signed up to develop apps for the Nabu.

There’s got to be a gaming angle in there somewhere?

Actually there is, but it’s not yet set in stone. Razer is in the midst of discussing with triple AAA game developers to integrate Nabu support and functionalities into existing games. There have also been talks with mobile game developers to utilise the Nabu specifically for games, but as we would hear throughout the session, nothing has been confirmed.