First look at the Razer Nabu

All right we’re sold, where can we get one?

Hold on to your horses. You’ll have to wait until the end of this quarter for their planned rollout. The fact is, from what we’ve seen, the Nabu isn’t even ready yet since all we saw was a prototype. It’s a far cry from the main image you see rendered and Razer themselves have admitted that the actual Nabu might not even look like what’s been rendered.

So it’s not complete. What else is there to it?

It still is a working prototype, just not so pretty. The public and private screens do work, though we did find that the private screen, where most of the messages will be read discretely, seemed a bit to small. There are two confirmed sensors, an altimeter and an accelerometer. It’ll be using low power Bluetooth and will have a 7-day battery life. They haven’t decided on a charger yet but the current prototype uses a microUSB port for charging. 

So what do you think?

It may not look so pretty now, but the Razer Nabu brim with potential. Razer wants to make the Nabu a ubiquitous device, something you’d wear everyday without thinking about it. It’ll be interesting to see just what apps will be developed to work with it and see if any of the big guns are willing to integrate functionality with the Nabu. Considering the popularity of smart wearables though we don’t think we’ll have to wait long.